What is Credit Repair?

Back in 2000, I lost just about everything in the stock market crash. Soon after, I needed credit repair. Wouldn’t you need credit repair after losing everything? 

Just because I needed credit repair, does not mean that I was a bad guy! Right? You see, my wife and I were playing options with a trader and we got hammered with some of the futures.

We had even doubled our money, but the market reacted to some news on futures and we lost everything.

Credit Repair Was Needed When We Lost Everything

Credit Repair Was Needed When We Lost Everything

 It was a great lesson on money management, but it still took me years to learn it. Stop LOSS!

Once we lost everything, we started into a downward spiral and got to the point were we could not even afford a bankruptcy. 

I walked away from $80+k in debt and had no idea what I was going to do.

The creditors began calling and then the collection companies really started to get down and dirty. It was amazing to hear the collection companies talk down at me and even tell

Creditors Do Not Like Credit Repair

Creditors Do Not Like Credit Repair

me not to feed my family because they deserved to be paid instead.

Every account I had went to bad debt. I could not even make my car payment and so I finally gave it up for voluntary repossession. They showed up to my work one day and I handed them the keys.

Could Credit Repair Help Me?

About 3 years later, I had some of the worst credit out there and did not know what to do. Credit Repair was not even in my vocabulary!

My credit score was at 450. Again, could credit repair help me?

Then I had an angel come into my life. I had a friend share with me that I did not have to suffer from the bad credit, and then shared with me the exact way to challenge it with the credit bureaus – called credit repair, or credit restoration

Credit Repair Makes You Feel Like A Winner Again

Credit Repair Makes You Feel Like A Winner Again

I did exactly what he said to do and I cleaned my credit up in about 90 days to where I had a score of 720. It was truly exciting. Credit Repair works!

To my surprise, when I shared my success with friends, they all wanted and needed the help to do the same.

I was blown away because I thought that I was the only one who had made mistakes like this!

I started to consult my friends and because of the success, it turned into a raging business.

I dealt with clients on a one-on-one basis and charged between $750 to $5,000 USD for helping others clean their credit. Credit repair was the best thing that ever happened to me!

I eventually realized that I needed a way to maximize my time and leverage the information, so I decided to write down my secrets into a digital solution – The All Legal Credit Repair Digital Solution.

I held nothing back. The information I shared in the digital solution is the same information that turned my business into a cash cow of around $30k a month.

All of this information can be found at www.AllLegalCredit.com. I hope you find the information as rewarding as so many others have in the past.

To Your Second Chance In Credit,
– Calvenn Starre
Calvenn Starre with All Legal Credit

All Legal Credit Is Yours Today

All Legal Credit Is Yours Today

 PS. Anyone can do their own credit repair. All you have to do is start today! Click here to find out why and not make the same mistakes most people do.