Today is the day for change. (Tuesday, May 2, 2017)

Today is Vibra-Truthsday! (Originally Vibra-Tuesday but this is more fitting)

A day of the shift into Pure Consciousness and awareness.

I am creating my reality today to be the ONE. Connected to ALL.

To create a program about all programs.

One of transformation for even the most closed minded person.

Pulling from all of the great stories and ideas about Truth, Love and Consciousness.

To take all the lessons learned about revenge and know that it does not lead to resolution.

The only true resolution is getting back to Source.

Loving yourself most by forgiving and Loving others by forgetting.

It is a powerful place to stand by all Beings and Laugh and Love one another, rather than fight one another.

And so it shall be! A Love of I AM.

To know is to know. To Love is to Love. To accept is to accept.

Truth has no opposites so it either is ONE thing or it is not Truth.

Truth reveals all things.

Truth is beyond this reality – everything here is weakened by the perception of man. Me included.

No mans knows the Truth of another man. No man knows any Truth but his own and still that is highly questionable.

Do you know your truth outside of the judgement of what you think others will think?

Truth just is.

It is not considered.

It is not something that needs to be authorized.

It just is.

It knows no boundaries, no limits, no confines of where it should be accepted.

It just is.

So turn within and find your Truth and let others do the same.

Once we do this, lasting change will occur.

It just will.

It just is.

I AM Calvenn Starre.

I just AM.

It just is.


[Inspired through writing about Gratitude]