This statistic depicts the estimated size of the skin care market from 2012 to 2024. By 2024, the global skincare market is estimated to be 180 billion U.S. dollars.

US Skin Care Market

The skin care industry has witnessed a shift in demand from older consumers to a growing younger consumer base. People are beginning to use skin care at an increasingly young age in a bid to delay the signs of aging.

The U.S. skin care and toiletries market, in general, is benefiting from rising demand for natural products, with a faster growth rate than that of the overall market. In 2016, 57 percent of U.S. women said it was important to buy all-natural skin-care products. Therefore companies continue to offer consumers innovative products, concentrating on developing environmentally friendly products either made locally or using locally sourced ingredients.

Anti-aging products also represent a strong growth area in the US cosmetics and toiletries market. The U.S. anti-aging skin care market generated about 2.11 billion U.S. dollars in 2013.

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