All Legal Credit Guide

$39 All Legal Credit Repair System: 

Credit coaching at its finest – One Time Fee

We all make mistakes, especially as an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, no-one really cares about your mistakes, especially the credit bureaus. I call this “The All Legal Credit Guide” because it will guide you on how to legally remove the negative marks from your credit report. Again, because it is so hard for people to believe, it is designed to legally take you you step-by-step to the path of clean credit. Whether it is late payments, charge-offs, collection accounts, bankruptcy, judgements or liens, there is no reason why each negative remark can’t be challenged for their accuracy. The truth of credit repair is that so much of your credit report is inaccurate, or they cannot validate its accuracy that they end up having to delete the negative item.  Listen to others: “Thank you so much for the new understanding! After assisting with the dispute on my report, the credit bureau removed 3 out of 4 negatives after the first 6 weeks!” – Yvonne R., Los Angeles

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All Legal Credit Guide to Remove BK, Liens, Collections

You can buy the entire system today and start the process now! Great credit is just around the corner.

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One on One Coaching with Calvenn Starre
One on One Coaching with Calvenn Starre

One-On-One Sponsorship Program:

 Coaching others to succeed ($500/mo @ 6 month min)

Imagine this…you want to accomplish something that you have never done before and you do not want to learn it the hard way. No more school of hard knocks.

The only way to get there is to have someone to mentor, or coach you. Your chances get even better when your mentor or coach has done it once before…and even better when they have done it multiple times.

Want to experience personal one-on-one leadership coaching while learning how to sponsor from a #1 Enroller? $100,000 a month earner?

Think about this…your odds get better being able to learn from an individual who personally enrolled more than 1500+ people into one business opportunity, and some of those people earned more than a million dollars a year.

This invitation is to be a part of someting beyond just recruiting. In fact, with this program, you can create this type of testimonial in your business:

“I signed up 2 years ago and now I have more than 2000 people enrolled in my Team Organization! Wow, I’m a believer!” -Todd, Edmonton, Canada

The email for additional details: [email protected]

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52 Weeks to Financial Freedom - Webinar Series with Calvenn Starre

Online Webinar Series: Napolean Hill’s 52 Weeks to Financial Freedom

Success does not happen overnight, so there is no reason to put fear into success by thinking that you must create Financial Freedom by next week. Success will take time, energy and consistency because you have to change your habits, thinking and daily actions. The Online Webinar Series: 52 Weeks is the best place for you to start building this muscle.

The Online Webinar  Series is hosted by yours truly, Calvenn Starre, and this webinar series will guide and mentor you through your Napoleon Hill’s a Year of Growing Rich: 52 Steps to Achieving Life’s Rewards, with my own tales of wisdom and insight into the world of Network Marketing.

The works of Napoleon Hill are an absolute classic to create the mindset necessary for holding the space for Financial Freedom. 

When you watch the 1st Video in this Series, you have a chance to win Napoleon’s Book.

Subscribe to Calvenn’s Youtube channel to catch all of the latest videos! Here is the link to the Playlist for the 52 Weeks to Financial Freedom series: YouTube Playlist

Coaching with Calvenn Starre

Webster defines ‘success‘ as: i) the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame; ii) the correct or desired result of an attempt; iii) someone or something that is successful : a person or thing that succeeds.

What is a Coach?

A great Coach stimulates YOU towards the definition of success that you have defined for yourself, not the rest of the world’s clouded judgement.

 For me, the word ‘COACH” stands for something more.

C – Commitment to your success

O – Open to your input

A – Awareness to not get caught up in the story

C – Consistent in the approach

H – Hands On

A Coach will not force you to do anything, because you need to understand why you are not doing the things necessary in the first place. You must learn by doing things yourself.  A Coach cannot do everything for you, so instead of telling you what to think, they should teach you how to think. Why should they think for you? Getting you to think differently allows you to do the work yourself and this will create your own empowerment and creative genius. This way, you know what to do when it’s just you – all alone to make it happen.

Calvenn coaches someone toward their success by helping his clients see three things:

(1) To know they already have everything within – (there is nothing to fix).
(2) To know that they are worthy of everything that they have and more – (they do not have to proove anything to anyone).
(3) To know that there is no path to get on – they are already, and have always been on the right path. In fact, the idea of enlightment or a spiritual path is just a marketing gimic by gurus to make money. Everyone is always on their path – there is no other way. As cliché as it sounds, you just have to get out of your own way.

Alert! This is going to be a mouth full: Whether you want to be in a successful relationship, or be a great parent, or find peace in all things, or live your life on your terms, or anything you can imagine right now or tomorrow, you must let go of everything in your past (good and bad mistakes), and understand that you do not have to do anything to fix yourself, but just show up and start having fun doing what you need to do to be on the same vibrational level as what it is that you want to be, do, or have. 

Each of Calvenn’s coaching programs are unique, and now is the time to see what happens when greatness is demanded of you.