Life is a dance, the more moves you have, the more fun it will be. ~Calvenn Starre

Calvenn Starre graduated from Texas Tech University in 1995, with a degree in Biology with plans of attending Medical School, but another industry was calling his name.

Calvenn immediately began his corporate career as an Outside Sales & Service Representative with an engineering company in Houston, Texas. Over the next several years, he became one of the youngest partners and promoted to Vice President of the engineering company’s newest acquisition, an International Natural Gas Company. 

In 2000, as a proven leader and a spirited entrepreneur, Calvenn was recruited by the Anthony Robbins Company as a Peak Performance Trainer for Fortune 500 Companies. Calvenn became the #1 Trainer for the Anthony Robbins Companies within 6-months. 

Calvenn maintained his position as the Team Leader for the Top Peak Performance Trainers in the United States for 2 years before resigning his to pursue other opportunities. 

The greatest lesson learned while working with Tony Robbins was that he would not be able to achieve the ultimate freedom working for someone else. While working for others was an incredible learning experience, it would not create the lifestyle, time, freedom and income that he truly desired.

The idea of ‘trading time for money’ has become obsolete. He knew that there was a better way to help others while serving a greater purpose, having time, freedom and be able to create a substantial income – all-in-one, all-at-once. 

The first step came in 2002 when Calvenn established All Legal Credit, a premier credit coaching company. Within 6 months, he reached his capacity in personal clients. He continued on for 2 years coaching more than 1500 people to remove 1000s of negative remarks from their credit reports. In order to serve more clients, Calvenn wrote “The All Legal Credit Repair Guide.” This was his first true act of leveraging his time, energy, and knowledge, that eventually led him to begin to understand the full-time opportunity with Network Marketing. 

In June 2003, Calvenn co-founded one of the first online shopping boutiques, which would later have products featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show’s “2005 Greatest Things” and be recognized around the world. That little website was called

In October 2004, Calvenn joined MonaVie. Through his online marketing, branding, and search engine optimization, he created an organization of more than 120,000 distributors (and still growing). As the #1 Enroller with the company, he helped thousands of distributors with the opportunity to create a passive income and help change the lives of others around them. 

In November 2008, Calvenn was approached by Amega Global and asked to open the USA for the Singapore based company. In January 2009, Calvenn signed on with Amega Global and served as VP of Business Development and the Executive Director in the USA. He spent the next year doing his best to blend cultures and build the infrastructure for the US Market. After setting up the company’s infrastructure and introducing the opportunity to top leaders in the industry, Amega generated sales of nearly $25 million dollars in their first year of business here in the USA, 2010.

From August 2014 – December 2016, Calvenn joined his best friend, Dr. Danny Ribley, DC, and Chris Hummel to launch FITTEAM GLOBAL. The company launched October 1st, 2014 with an organic weight-loss and energy powdered mix called FITTEAM FIT.

On January 20th, 2018, Calvenn Starre and Danny Ribley launched LIVING 2B, a Network Marketing Company. The Mission to spread H.O.P.E. (Helping Others Prosper Eternally) and inspired total fulfillment in the lives of others. As a Company, and as Individuals, everything we do is to inspire others to live with integrity, through finding their own sense of truth and purpose, knowing that every decision, intention and action matters because of the people they affect.

The Vision of LIVING 2B is that we are dedicated to improving the lives of its Owners, Executives, Employees, Affiliates, Customers and all their families. We will accomplish this while serving the surrounding communities and providing the opportunity to share impactful products, create part-time or full-time income, gain access to personal development, create mindful opportunities, and bring about social awareness. LIVING 2B is designed to improve you and your sphere of influence, as we grow together.

Calvenn states, “There is a new kind of Network Marketer out there and it’s YOU. I believe that your success is not dependent on a company, product, timing or compensation plan, but that it is dependent on YOU. The journey of personal transformation into the person that you know you can be with the right community to support your growth. This is what LIVING 2B is all about. Join me today and let’s work together to create a better YOU.”

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