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5 Law of Attraction Myths The Law of Attraction exposed!

Sounds pretty controversial, huh?

People tend to get caught up with the idea that creating the life of your dreams is all about something called “The Law of Attraction.”

You’ve heard this HUNDREDS of times in the personal development field, and many people swear by this…

But there’s one problem — it’s NOT the answer.

The truth is, thoughts do NOT create your reality.

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During this Masterclass, Vishen reveals the principles behind the art of bending reality — which he used to turn $700 Into a $100 million business… Without VCs, without funding, and without any bank loans whatsoever.

And here are 5 critical things you need to know about how you can create your ideal reality and what you can expect to learn:

  1. Your thoughts do NOT create your reality. Your beliefs create your reality.
  2. Your beliefs are often unconscious. You have to be able to shift those beliefs.
  3. You can accelerate or slow down how your beliefs create your reality based on your state of happiness.
  4. You must know what reality you want to create, so you can take total control of your life.
  5. Other people around you — family, friends, neighbors — their minds create your reality for you as well. This is called unconscious group creation.

So how do you work with all of these elements to live life like a Master Manifestor?

Where it almost seems like the Universe has your back?

Where luck is on your side?

Well, Vishen Lakhiani is giving you an opportunity to discover how to do exactly this on his upcoming Masterclass.

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Personal Life Example of How Affiliate Marketing Worked for Me

In a small Network Marketing company, named MonaVie, I personally sponsored more than 1,500+ people into the business. I was so excited with my results that I wanted to produce my very own program about sponsoring people online. And since I was from the Network Marketing Industry, I wanted people to be able to share the information that I was going to produce, and I wanted to make sure that they were paid for sharing it with others. However, instead, I stumbled across people like Mike Dillard, Eric Loftholm, T Harv Eker, and a few other leaders when researching what was out there. They already had training systems in place, so I decided to just share their material instead and they send me a commission whenever someone buys their program or attends one of their events. 

I can say from personal experience that these are the Best of the Best Programs out there for building internal empire today!

Yours Truly,

Calvenn Starre

The Affiliate Cycle

The Affiliate Marketing Cycle

Affiliate programs are becoming the new norm for large companies.
Companies like AT&T, Comcast, Direct TV, and many more now offer programs where they will pay you for the referral.

Most of the companies offer you a link that you can use to refer your friends and family, while other, more advanced companies will provide you with marketing material and personalized websites to help you in this lucrative process.

If you are like me, then you realize that you cannot start every great company, program or training product, but with your influence and passion for helping others you want to share your secret finds and get rewarded for it. We all like earning rewards, right? 

Q: What is Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales or Network Marketing?
A: These programs are referral programs designed to compensate those that are willing to share the products or services with friends, family and other potential consumers. The more influence you have with people, the more you will be compensated. 

Think about this: How great would it be if the movie companies paid you for every person that saw one of their movies because you recommended it? Imagine being compensated for those block buster weekends where movies generate $100 million dollars like the Movie Theaters do. The Movie Production companies provide a commission to the Theaters for all of the tickets that they sale, so what keeps you from doing the same?

What about those restaurants that feed all of our friends? How great would it be to get a free meal for all of the business that you have sent them?

Simply stated in layman’s terms, Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn some additional cash by referring products, online programs, trainings and actual physical workshops that those people that you already know.